December 6, 2022

Cumberland Container’s Apstar HG2 1228 Pays Dividends

Source: The Packaging Portal March 2022

Cumberland Container’s Apstar HG2 1228 Pays Dividends

The Apstar stood out from the crowd because of a combination of features. For starters, Cumberland purchased one of the first machines in North America with inside/outside printing capabilities in one pass. As a company known to be cutting edge, Cumberland Container jumped at the chance to be one of the first container companies with this capability. Additionally, the Cumberland team was really impressed with the Apstar’s extensive standard features, including a licensed SUN® Lead-Edge Feeder, ceramic wheels in vacuum transfers, center slot moveable head, and versatile abilities. “The Apstar HG2’s features make it a stand-out machine.

When you combine that with parts that can be sourced locally and are in stock in Merrillville, IN the Apstar quickly became the clear choice,” explained Andrew Miller, Operations Manager.

Nearly three years after installation, Cumberland Container continues to applaud the Apstar HG2. “The Apstar has been a fantastic addition. It has performed exponentially better than our S&S FFG. Our purchase has paid dividends,” commented Tim Dunn, CFO.

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