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Haire Group’s parts and service department provides 24/7 service, parts, and support for any machines sold by Haire. Haire Group technicians provide the best service in the industry.


Technicians are factory-trained and available to assist you with questions or service 24 hours a day. Robust remote capabilities make it possible for technicians to help operators with a myriad of issues without having to be onsite. The parts and service team is also available for routine maintenance or installing machine upgrades. 


Haire’s extensive onsite parts inventory makes getting the parts you need easy. Replacement parts or machine upgrades are quickly available. Many off-the-shelf components are stocked, and specific parts numbers are supplied. With Haire’s “pass through” pricing, you can’t go wrong.


Haire professional technicians offer full trainings to plant operators prior to delivery and installation of your new machine. Operators have the opportunity to become intimately aquatinted with your new machine via a mix of interactive classroom and hands-on training. In a few short days at the Haire Group Showroom & Training Center, operators are comfortable with your new investment and ready to run at optimal speed upon installation. 

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