With more standard features than other brands, the APSTAR HG2 is the perfect choice for companies that need versatility in a competitive marketplace.

Performance and Versatility

Responding to the ever-increasing demand for more die cutting on flexo folder gluers, the HG2 has all of the advantages of bottom printing combined with a robust die cutter for efficient production on a wide variety of products.

Looking for superior performance and versatility? Look no further.


Specifications subject to change without notice.

Standard Features

  • Servo Lead Edge Feeder
  • Remote Ethernet connection for 24/7 support
  • SUN Microgrind for a consistent cutting and creasing surface throughout the life of the anvil blankets
  • Siemens PLCs and touch screens throughout
  • Impulse dust management system for highest quality graphics and more machine uptime
  • Components you know and can rely on: Pamarco anilox rolls, CUE blankets, Rexroth, ABB, SEW Euro drive, ARO
  • Four-shaft servo dual slotter for versatility, extraordinary scoring and virtually no slotting knife changes
  • Movable center head that allows for different slotting configurations
  • High-speed, top-loading Counter Ejector for die-cutting and smaller bundle quantities
  • Available with Scrap Master for customers needing a scrap management system (optional)
  • Dual servo slotter virtually eliminates knife changes



When you've been in the business as long as we
have, you start to be able to anticipate the market's
needs. That's why Haire isn't experiencing year-plus 
wait times on APSTARs. 

Have yours installed in 2024!

The Leader in Printing Inside the Box

A new age is upon us. Customers have come to expect a more thoroughly branded experience at each touchpoint in the customer journey. That is perhaps never more clear than in unboxing. Top-and-bottom printing means you can create a completely branded unboxing experience for your customers. Simply put, it makes unboxing your product more delightful and enhances brand perception.

Haire Group is proud to have been at the forefront of the top-and-bottom printing revolution.

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